Skills@Work provides personal development, business skills and digital education to support people in and into work and encourage them to get involved in wider community life.

What is it?

It is a 12-week programme designed to help people help themselves and build the skills they need to find and stay in work long term. The programme can be targeted to support people into work – or who are facing redundancy to help them transition into new employment. It builds on the benefits of lifelong learning and personal development by encouraging participants to identify, and take confidence from, their existing talents and abilities. With that positive mindset, participants learn the practical skills and tools they need to take a leap, secure the right job, and thrive in it.

Who is this for?

Anyone unemployed long term, or who has been through frequent periods of unemployment, and who may lack the confidence or skills they need to re-enter or stay in the workplace. Extra care is given to support people who may benefit from more foundational education or who may be managing the challenges of ill-health, mental health or addiction and the consequences of that.

How is it delivered?

The programme is based on a series of 3-hour classes (six hours per week) modules tailored to the needs of the individuals and groups involved – and there is some online towards the end of the course. The location and time-of-day is flexible depending on the commissioning agency.

What are the benefits?

By the end of the programme participants will be able to:

  • identify and build confidence in existing abilities
  • write and customise a curriculum vitae
  • research and apply for jobs right for their skill-set/transferable skills
  • attend, present, and participate confidently in interview
  • engage and participate in group interviews
  • experience in delivering peer support
  • reflect positively on feedback
  • communicate effectively
  • describe their transferable skills, abilities, strengths, and work ethic
  • continue to reflect on their personal development planning
  • work across digital platforms for work, and life.
  • seek out and access voluntary opportunities to use new skills in a community setting whilst looking for work, or in addition to work.

What additional support is available?

We offer some modules more in-depth for small groups or one-to-one, for example; individuals that need to be able to use the online benefits system (Universal Credit); to support people going through an intensive period of job interviews; or for anyone who may benefit from extra support to communicate or present their skills and experience in a positive way. One-to-one support is also available to help people through the initial phases of a new job and enable them to build their confidence to stay in work long-term.