Skills@Home is a hands-on practical course that will demystify the internet and help participants build confidence and skills using the web as well as some standard desktop, laptop and software.

What is it?

It is a 10-week course that will demystify the web and help people set up and connect online with confidence at home or on-the-go using standard desktop, laptop devices and software.

Who is this for?

This course is suitable for beginners or as a refresher. It will help anyone applying for benefits or needing help to navigate through the online benefits system (Universal Credit) or who needs to connect with the council, government, or other public bodies online. It will also help people who would like to shop, bank, or set up online accounts and for those who would like to connect more with family and friends through email and social media.

How is it delivered?

The programme is based on a series of modules and delivered face-to-face in small groups in 2-3-hour sessions over 10 weeks. Location and time of day is dependent upon the needs of the group and/or the commissioning agency. This is designed to be a fun and informative course where participants are actively encouraged to help and peer support each other. In the past this has often led to the forming of new friendships and support networks that have lasted long after the course finished.

What are the benefits?

By the end of the programme participants will:

  • know how computers and the internet works
  • understand the use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • be able to browse the internet and send information
  • understand online transactions and what is needed to bank and shop
  • have an active email account and know how to manage it
  • be able to access local council online services, and understand what is available online via
  • know the basics of well-known applications including Microsoft Office (work, excel and PowerPoint)
  • be able to save downloads (music, pictures, videos and files)
  • use social media to connect with family and friends including the most popular channels such as Facebook, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter
  • know how to view TV online, such as BBC iPlayer
  • learn how to stay safe online, and keep their computers safe too

What additional support is available?

Teachers can also help participants set up computers, printers and other devices at home and provide one-to-one tuition, troubleshooting and/or longer-term mentoring.